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Salmon Fillet with Dill-Mustard-Honey Topping

Coming back from a vacation is harder than I thought… So I will once again use the option of re-blogging a post from the beginning of the blog. See you next week with new posts. 🙂

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Salmon with dill mustard topping Ronit Penso

I have created this dish for my book, which is all about quick and easy meals. The dish here has an added bonus – you can prepare it in advance and bake just before serving.
In the topping, I’ve mixed the classic honey-mustard combination with dill – a traditional Scandinavian addition to salmon (as demonstrated in the famous “Gravelax”- cured salmon with dill.) The addition of butter helps keep the fish moist, the breadcrumbs add a nice crunch and the wine adds the acidity needed to balance it all.
I’m sure this dish will become a classic in your kitchen just as it is in mine.

* The portion size in the photos is small, as I was preparing the dish for a buffet dinner. You can do the same, or use 5 larger portions to serve as a main course.

* To prepare in advance: spread the fish with…

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