Brown Butter, Pecan and Maple Cake

I prepared this tasty cake again this week, and realized it could be worthwhile to re-post the recipe, as it is from the early days of the blog and some of you probably didn’t see it.

I’m sure that even those of you who did see it, will enjoy this reminder of a very tasty and special cake.

See you next week with a new recipe. 🙂

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Brown butter pecan cake Ronit penso

Brown butter was probably created by mistake. A cook somewhere left the butter on a stove just a bit too long, and ended up with brown oil and separated milk particles at the bottom. Luckily, that obscure cook was curious enough to taste what looked like burnt butter and found out the taste and fragrance were actually great – nutty and deep. While the term “brown butter” describes only to the color, the French term, “Beurre Noisette” (i.e. “hazelnut butter”) captures both color and nutty flavor much better.

Brown Butter is used for quick sauces, especially with fish, but it is wonderful in many other dishes, cakes included. When I started developing this recipe, I decided to use brown butter instead of regular butter, in order to enhance the cake’s nutty flavor and aroma. Even though this complicates the recipe a bit, it worked so well that I believe once…

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