Always remember that recipes are just a base for you to experiment on, and can never be 100% accurate, as no one can duplicate the conditions and equipment in your kitchen, the way you mix and measure, the weather, etc. So, read the recipe carefully before you begin and rely on your culinary and common senses as much as on the recipe directions.

* The step-by-step photos I add here can give you an idea of what to expect in every step. Clicking on any photo will enlarge it.

Measurements: I use standard US measurement cups and tablespoons sets. I highly recommend using a similar set for measuring.


Flour: unless otherwise mentioned, I use white all purpose flour. I do not sift flour, unless otherwise mentioned. I do not pack flour when measuring.

Sugar: I only pack brown sugar when measuring .

Salt: unless otherwise mentioned, I use Diamond Crystal Kosher salt, which is not as salty as many other types of salt. If you use any other brand, add less than what the recipe requires and taste before adding more.

Oil: I use mostly Safflower oil for frying or baking, light olive oil for roasting and extra virgin olive oil for dressings.

Butter: Unless otherwise mentioned, I use unsalted butter.

Vanilla:  I use real vanilla bean paste.

Baking powder: I use double acting baking powder.

Other ingredients: whenever possible, I highly recommend choosing local organic produce, free-range eggs and grass-fed meat.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
Happy Cooking!

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