Rich Yeast Dough Rolled Cakes

Yeast Dough Roulades Ronit Penso Tasty EatsAs much as I love quick baking cakes, when I take the time to bake yeast dough cakes, I’m always rewarded with the satisfying process of making the dough, the amazing smell that fills the kitchen, the tasty rich fresh soft dough, combined with the filling and the crust. All these come together to create the most “comfort food” experience which no quick muffin can give.
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Upside-down Rhubarb Cake Ronit Penso

Upside-down Rhubarb Cake

Upside-down Rhubarb Cake Ronit PensoUpside-down cakes got a bad reputation it the States, and it is no wonder why, when most of the recipes for it call for “a box of yellow cake mix, canned pineapples in heavy syrup and artificially colored red maraschino cherries”…
Yet, upside-down cakes are wonderful when made properly; the sugar and butter at the bottom caramelize lightly, blending nicely with the fruit and with the cake batter on top. Add to this the fact that the cake is very easy to make, and you can’t help but wonder why on earth anyone would consider ruining this nice cake with all those horrid ingredients. So, here’s a chance to redeem the cakes’ bad reputation. Continue reading

Beet-Chocolate Cake

Beet-Cocolate cake Ronit PensoThere is something fascinating about the American way of adding all kinds of slightly sweet vegetables to a cake batter, mainly for frugal reasons, but also for the moisture and the unique flavor the vegetables add to the cakes. The most common vegetable cake is, of course, the carrot cake, but the list goes on – from zucchini to pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and even tomatoes, in the form of a soup…
Adding beets to a cake is less popular, but I’m sure that once you’ll try it, you’ll love it. The beets add a lovely flavor and color to the cake, and the enriched nutritional value is an extra bonus. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Banana Breakfast Bread

Sweet Potato Banana Bread Ronit Pensofast Bread Ronit Penso

“Nutritious” doesn’t necessarily mean “not tasty” – and this breakfast bread is all the proof needed. Not too sweet, packed with good things like sweet potato, banana, orange juice, applesauce, pecans and cranberries – this bread is great for a breakfast on the run, or as a part of a weekend brunch. It is also wonderful lightly toasted, and served with a bit of cream cheese or honey – or both…

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Sponge Cake with Maple-Rum Butter Cream

sponge cake ronit pensoSometimes it’s nice to just toss the “light” cake versions out the window, and go with a really fluffy cake – a texture that can only be obtained by using meringue – a rich whipped mixture of egg whites and sugar. And while at it, why not top it all with a rich and tasty butter cream that, how else, can only be obtained by using lots of butter and sugar? And to add even more flavor and fragrance, why not drizzle the cake with a Rum and Maple syrup? The scrumptious decadent result is a good example for the use of the simple word – “Yum!”… Continue reading

Chocolate Crackles Cookies

chocolate crackle cookies Ronit PensoI hope that whoever invented Chocolate Crackles cookies (also known as Chocolate Crinkles) received some kind of reward or recognition, for creating these beautiful and tasty cookies. There are many variations for these great tasting cookies, but I especially like the one here, for its’ fairly short list of ingredients and ease of preparation.
The result is chewy and chocolaty cookies on the inside, while the outer snowy-white cracked layer is crunchy and sweet. No wonder they are always a hit with guests of any age.

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Banana-Carrot-Apple muffins

Banana-Carrot-Apple muffins Ronit Penso

Writing recipes for a health/diet oriented magazine, requires experimenting with transforming “regular” recipes to ones that will be friendlier to the readers’ requests. It’s not so easy, especially when it comes to cakes and desserts. The results are not always edible, to put it mildly, and it requires quite a few trials in order to come up with a texture that’s moist and flavorful, yet not rubbery or heavy due to using whole wheat flour and less fat and sugar. Continue reading