Lime and Dried Apricots Cupcakes Ronit Penso
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Fragrant Lime and Dried Apricots Cupcakes with Lime Icing

Lime apricot cupcakes ronit pensoIf you want to fill your kitchen with citrus fragrance, these easy to make cupcakes are the answer: they are loaded with lime juice and zest, and topped with lime icing. The result is light and refreshing cupcakes. The perfect treat for anyone who loves citrus cakes. Try them and enjoy.

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Upside-down Rhubarb Cake Ronit Penso
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Upside-down Rhubarb Cake

Upside-down Rhubarb Cake Ronit Penso

Upside-down cakes got a bad reputation in the States, and it is no wonder why, when most of the recipes for it call for “a box of yellow cake mix, canned pineapples in heavy syrup and artificially colored red maraschino cherries”…
Yet, upside-down cakes are wonderful when prepared properly, with fresh ingredients; the sugar and butter at the bottom caramelize lightly, blending nicely with the fruit, and with the cake batter on top. Add to this the fact that the cake is very easy to make, and you can’t help but wonder why on earth anyone would consider ruining this nice cake with all those horrid ingredients. So, here’s a chance to redeem the cakes’ bad reputation. Continue reading “Upside-down Rhubarb Cake”

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Rugelach – one dough, four options

Rugelach cookies Ronit PensoRugelach, the traditional Eastern-European-Jewish rolled cookies, are loved by many, and for a good reason. The flaky dough, the tasty filling of jam combined with raisins, nuts and lots of cinnamon, works every time. Continue reading “Rugelach – one dough, four options”

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Sponge Cake with Maple-Rum Butter Cream

sponge cake ronit penso

Sometimes it’s nice to just toss the “light” cake recipes out the window, and go with a really fluffy and rich cake, with a texture that can only be obtained by using meringue – a rich whipped mixture of egg whites and sugar. Continue reading “Sponge Cake with Maple-Rum Butter Cream”