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Dairy Free Banana and Blueberries Cake

When I was asked to create a dairy free, low sugar and low fat summer cake, it was quite a challenge. I’ve decided to rely on the natural sweetness of fruit, and the first ingredient that came to my mind was ripe bananas, as their creamy texture mimics well that of butter in baked goods, and their sweetness would allow me to use less sugar in the cake. Continue reading “Dairy Free Banana and Blueberries Cake”

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Banana Cake with Purple Apricots

Banana Cake with Purple Apricots Ronit PensoWhen I was requested to prepare a low fat cake, my solution was to rely heavily on mashed ripe bananas. Their creaminess is an excellent replacement for fats, and their natural sweetness helps reduce the sugar levels, all while still ending up with a very tasty cake.
The fact that the cake is also very easy to make, and can be prepared in one bowl, makes it even more appealing. Continue reading “Banana Cake with Purple Apricots”

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A Fairly Low-Fat Moussaka

Moussaka Ronit Penso

Moussaka is a great Greek dish; layers of potatoes, fried eggplants, minced meat cooked with tomatoes and herbs – all topped with thick Béchamel sauce…  It is so very tasty, yet at the same time, quite heavy, mostly due to the enormous amounts of oil that the eggplant absorbs while frying. Continue reading “A Fairly Low-Fat Moussaka”