Sponge Cake with Maple-Rum Butter Cream

As I’m taking a few days off blogging, I once again opt to re-blogging an earlier post, which most of you probably have missed. Hope you’ll enjoy it.  Happy New Year to all. 🙂

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sponge cake ronit penso

Sometimes it’s nice to just toss the “light” cake versions out the window, and go with a really fluffy cake – a texture that can only be obtained by using meringue – a rich whipped mixture of egg whites and sugar. And while at it, why not top it all with a rich and tasty butter cream that, how else, can only be obtained by using lots of butter and sugar? And to add even more flavor and fragrance, why not drizzle the cake with a Rum and Maple syrup? The scrumptious decadent result is a good example for the use of the simple word – “Yum!”…

A few important guidelines:
– For best results, all the ingredients should be at room temperature. So make sure to take them out of the fridge at least an hour before starting.
– Don’t skip the SIFTING stage – it is important…

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Sweet and Spicy Oven Roasted Chicken Wings

Sweet and Spicy Oven Roasted Chicken Wings Ronit PensoThe list of ingredients for the marinade in this recipe is completely “fusion”. It contains maple syrup and honey from Vermont, Ethiopian Berbere* spice mix, Indian-inspired curry spice mix, French mustard and Japanese soy sauce… However, once you’ll prepare the dish and taste it, I’m sure you’ll agree that the “fusion” here is far from “confusion”, as happens too often…
All the flavors work perfectly together and the result is tasty, spicy, sweet and salty chicken wings, with a beautiful deep color and wonderful aroma. Continue reading