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Braised Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine Sauce

Braised lamb is a hearty dish, which I prefer to skip over in the hot summer days. Now that the days are getting shorter and colder, it’s time to go back to it.
The following stew has few ingredients, yet lots of flavor; from the use of red wine as the cooking liquid, and from the aromatic “Herbs de Provence” mix seasoning. The dish is quick to assemble and prepare, and is perfect for easy entertaining. Continue reading “Braised Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine Sauce”

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Chicken with Sour Cherries and Red Wine

Chicken with Sour Cherries and Red Wine Ronit PensoMatching cherries with poultry is well known in many cuisines; whether it’s a classic roasted goose or duck served with cherry sauce, a Persian dish of chicken cooked with a dried cherries and walnuts sauce, or other dishes.
So, when I ended up with a jar of sour cherries preserved in unsweetened cherry juice, these dishes became the inspiration. Continue reading “Chicken with Sour Cherries and Red Wine”