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Brown Butter Scallops with Red Pepper- Orange Sauce, Fresh Asparagus and Almonds


Fresh asparagus season is always a reason for celebration. The fresh crispy green stems are delightful on their own, and even more so, when served with different ingredients.
In the following tasty and colorful dish, I’ve paired some simply steamed asparagus with lightly pan-fried scallops, and served both with red pepper-orange sauce and roasted almonds. This combination of ingredients worked amazing well together. Continue reading “Brown Butter Scallops with Red Pepper- Orange Sauce, Fresh Asparagus and Almonds”

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Warm Octopus, Beans and Fennel Salad


Octopus has a unique texture, much “meatier” than that of its’ relative the squid. It requires a longer blanching and cooking time, which is why I don’t often use it.
However, as I’ve read somewhere that when it is blanched, cut into smaller pieces, frozen and thawed, it requires much shorter cooking time – I’ve decided to give this option a try. Continue reading “Warm Octopus, Beans and Fennel Salad”

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Crab and Onion Tart

Crab and Onion Tart Ronit PensoI’ve found the recipe for this crab tart a few years ago in an old French cookbook. The original recipe was a bit too bland to my taste, so I’ve decided to make a few changes. Continue reading “Crab and Onion Tart”