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Banana Yeast Dough Cakes with Chocolate-Almonds Filling

The following tasty cakes are a version of THIS recipe, for banana yeast dough cakes. Continue reading “Banana Yeast Dough Cakes with Chocolate-Almonds Filling”

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Cinnamon and Raisins Monkey Bread

Monkey bread is actually not a bread, but a very tasty cake, with many versions. It is made by rolling yeast dough balls in butter and sugar, then baking them together as a whole cake. The pieces of dough can be pulled apart easily, hence the name. Continue reading “Cinnamon and Raisins Monkey Bread”

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Banana Yeast dough Cakes

Banana Yeast dough Cakes Ronit PensoI often end up with overripe bananas, that usually find their way into one-bowl type of cakes. As this time I was planning on making yeast dough roulades, I’ve decided to see how they would work in this type of dough. Continue reading “Banana Yeast dough Cakes”

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Multi Grain Bread stuffed with Roasted Vegetables

Multi Flour Bread stuffed with Roasted Vegetables Ronit PensoOnce again I’ve been experimenting with baking with different types of flour. This time I combined quite a few of them, to create these very tasty breads. The texture came out incredibly multi-layered, where each type of flour brought a unique one. Continue reading “Multi Grain Bread stuffed with Roasted Vegetables”

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Rich Yeast Dough Rolled Cakes

As I prepared these tasty cakes again this week, I realized it could be worthwhile to re-post the recipe, as it is from the early days of the blog and some of you probably didn’t see it.

I’m sure that even those of you who did see it, will enjoy this reminder of these very tasty and special cakes.

See you next week with a new recipe. 🙂

Tasty Eats

Yeast Dough Roulades Ronit Penso Tasty Eats

As much as I love quick baking cakes, when I take the time to bake yeast dough cakes, I have to admit there’s just no comparison – the amazing smell that fills the kitchen, the tasty rich fresh soft dough, combined with the filling and the crust – all come together to create the most “comfort food” experience that no quick muffin can give, with all due respect…

I am aware of the fact that quite a few people, even experienced bakers, are not too comfortable when it comes to yeast dough cakes. No one can deny that the process indeed takes longer than with most cakes, but it is mainly because of the waiting time for the dough to rise, not because there is so much more work involved. So find a day when you’re around the house, and give this a try. Be patient with the process, let…

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